Atlas Donaire

The Best Outdoor Ceiling Fan

Built To Withstand Mother Nature

  • Maximum Corrosion Resistance

    316 marine grade stainless steel wet rated motor housing resists corrosion in the harshest locations such as; coastal salt air, acid rain, sleet, snow, freezing temperatures and scorching heat.

  • Maximum Strength Blades

    The blades are made from extremely durable ABS that holds up better in salt air than wood or steel. These blades have great impact resistance in extreme temperatures and are less likely to sag or break

  • Handles High Winds

    The Donaire features "unibody construction" where the blades are mounted securely inside the motor housing. This eliminates the need for blade holders that tend to snap off in high winds or extreme weather.


Extreme Weather Guarantee!

The Donaire is so well built that we guarantee it can handle the most extreme weather conditions including high winds, even a hurricane or tornado. You will NOT find a guarantee like this on any other website selling outdoor ceiling fans.

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High Quality

316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel

The Donaire is made from real 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel, highly resistant to corrosion compared to other outdoor fans that can start showing signs of rust in a matter of days. Even more corrosion resistant than high end outdoor grills like this $15,000 Fire Magic Echelon.

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Customer Experience

This Donaire Survived 2017 Hurricane Irma

This Donaire survived hurricane Irma while other fans in the neighborhood were demolished. The canopy was jarred loose, but was easily set back in place. It was this fan that inspired us to offer our exclusive Extreme Weather Guarantee!

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Wet Rated

Uncovered Locations

The Donaire is wet rated, so it can be installed in uncovered locations that are exposed directly to rain and snow. It is the perfect fan for a Pergola or Lanai like you see here.

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Damp Locations

Damp Covered Locations

Because the Donaire is wet rated and made from such high quality components, it is even more suitable for covered locations than a typical damp rated fan. Perfect for a covered patio, porch or deck.

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Dry Locations Indoors

With its extreme durability, the Donaire can be used anywhere throughout your home indoors and outdoors. Great airflow, quiet operation and the convenient remote make it perfect for any room, especially your bedroom.

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